EBC Las Vegas 2024

2024 EBC Las Vegas

All Elite players invited to EBC Las Vegas

Players absolutely blew the roof off at EBC Las Vegas!

Elite youth basketball was demanded and  elite players delivered. At EBC Las Vegas players showed off their skill sets and their natural talent. EBC Las Vegas provided an exclusive elite basketball camp environment where players could face some of the best in youth basketball. Our EBC team has compiled the evidence to identify who are the Outstanding Performers, King of The Courts, and most of all MVP!


8th Grade Jayden Howard 

11.7 PPG 3.3 RPG 1.7 APG

Jayden Howard was an offensive machine at EBC Las Vegas with his elite shooting ability and his length made him a dominant player on the floor. His advantage of reaching over defenders and still having a soft finish at the rim was key to his success. To go along with his strong slashing ability is his strong jump shot that created space amongst the defense.

7th Grade Koi Wilkins

32 PPG 6.5 RPG 5.8 APG

Koi Wilkins was a major playmaker at EBC Las Vegas and a big offensive threat. But his most valuable attribute is his effort. Koi was always attacking the rim and even on the rare occasion of missed shots he was fighting for rebounds for the opportunity for second chance points. 

6th Grade Kyle O’Connor Jr

34.3 PPG 8 RPG 3.3 3PT

Kyle O’Connor Jr was on another level at EBC Las Vegas. With his size and his guard/small forward skill set created a well rounded elite basketball player. His ability to pass effectively, make it rain from beyond the arc, and pour it in the paint made him absolutely unstoppable and defenses needed to double team him.

5th Grade Donovan Venable

13.3 PPG 5 RPG 4.3 SPG

Donovan Venable was attacking from all fronts at EBC Las Vegas. Donovan did not shy away from contact as he would plow through defenses for the score. His ability to attack the basket pairs well with his ability to facilitate an offense, getting his teammates involved and ultimately finding the open man. 

4th Grade Zamar Burrell

18.5 PPG 2.8 RPG 3 3PT

Zamar Burrell was fighting for wins at EBC Las Vegas as he was laying all out for the W. Zamar has a team first mentality and will do whatever it takes to either find the open man or take the rock and score himself. His handles are impressive, as he is able to create space on the floor and fight through contact if needed.

Outstanding Performers

8th Grade Class of 2029

Tavien Bell

Ryan Rowan

Jomari Marshall

Jhamar Clark

Anthony Williams

6th Grade Class of 2031

Karega (KJ) McCollum Jr

McCoy Robinson

Mason Marmanillo

Michael Vasquez

Myles Parotte

4th Grade Class of 2033

JaiC’aun Davis

Zaiden Davis

Cali Jagpal

Justice Johnson

Michael Langi

7th Grade Class of 2023

Egypt Dean

Jordan Contreras

Elijah Powell 

Trey Williams

Alyo Hawkins Jr.

5th Grade Class of 2032

Legend Vinson

Michael Hanley

Daxton Werner

Madden Cleveland

Ryland Huey-Sanders

King of the Court

Jayden Howard

Koi Wilkins 

Kyle O’Connor

Avery Pisculich