2023 BILAAC: First ever all-girls camp!

A history-making EBC event

Our first ever Ballislife All American Camp: Girls consisted of 250+ extraordinary players from second grade up to the 11th grade division. Players came from all over the United States (list locations if we have them). With two full days of basketball, the hype was there as every player came to have a great time and compete with a modicum of the best talent across the country. The Queen of the Court was one of the main events as every grade competed for one of the best awards at the camp, which was the letterman jacket (shown below).

The 3 point contest provided electrifying energy as Kaleena Smith (8th), Isla Allen (7th), and Monika Diaz (5th) put on a show and got the crowd engaged in their spectacular shooting performances. This camp was the first of many for the girls to come in the near future so whether you missed out or were battling hard at camp, we hope to see you next year having fun and competing with the best out on the court. 

  •  The 11th grade MVP was 5’11” Karsen Marshall who had a solid two days of basketball. She not only won the MVP award but also won the Queen of the Court by dominating with her size and scoring talent. Marshall averaged 9.75 PPG and 5.5 RPG on the weekend and had 10 points and 5 rebounds in the All-Star game.
  • 5’7” Shaena Brew earned MVP honors in the 10th grade division at camp. Brew had a great all around game and was doing everything she could to help her teams win all weekend long. Her all around game showed in the stats as she averaged 6.75 PPG, 5.75 RPG, and 4.25 RPG
  • Jackie Polk was a tremendous scoring threat all weekend long and she displayed her shooting ability as she was knocking down three’s from way beyond the arc. Polk earned MVP for the 9th grade division as she averaged 11 PPG, 3 RPG, 1.25 SPG, and 2 three pointers made per game. 
  • Kaleena Smith was most definitely the player to watch all camp long as she was an 8th grader playing in the 11th grade division. She wasn’t just trying to get by with the older players but she was rather competing and dominating the competition. Her swagger on the court combined with her skill set made her an absolute baller. Smith earned MVP honors in the 8th grade division as she averaged 18.5 PPG, 3.25 RPG, 3.25 APG, and 2.5 SPG. Armanyie Reed was another talented player who almost put up double double averages. Reed averaged 10.75 PPG and 9 RPG at camp and earned outstanding performer on the weekend. 
  • In the 7th Grade division, Tatianna Griffin was on a tear and even happened to put up a double double in one of her games. Griffin averaged 15.75 PPG and 5.75 RPG and in her one game with a double double she had 21 points and 10 rebounds. She earned MVP honors and even won the queen of the court for her grade as well. One other star in the 7th grade division that earned outstanding performer was Legend Tyler and she finished with a final statline of 12.5 PPG and 6.25 RPG and she had one game where she had 22 points and 11 rebounds. 
  • The 6th grade division’s MVP was Addison Archer. Averaging 17 PPG and 6.5 RPG 
  • The 5th Grade division MVP was Alaysia Peace. Averaging 18 PPG, 6.25 RPG, and 2 SPG 
  • The 4th Grade MVP was Brooklyn Navarro.