2024 EBC Arizona highlights

The 2024 EBC Arizona event was absolutely electric with intense competition and countless elite basketball performances by those invited to the exclusive camp. With 140 plus kids in attendance, titans were bound to clash but there can only be one winner at the end of it all. Our EBC team has compiled the stats to identify the top performers in each category such as 3pt shooting contest, King of the Court, and MVP! 


Lleyton Leonard 

Class of 2028

Height: 4′ 11″ 

AZ UH Elite

Signature stats: 22.3 PPG 4.3 RPG BPG: 1.8

Lleyton was the commander and chief for his team with his ability to facilitate the offense and coach his teammates to make the right play. Just as good as he is a leader, he is a player, with strong finishes at the rim, crashing the boards, and crossing people up with his handles. His toughness was nothing short of amazing as his ability to play through contact and still get to baskets really turned the tide to lead his team to victory and having a successful camp.

Josiah Williams 

Class of 2029

Height: 5’5″

 AZ Phenoms

Signature stats: 21.3 PPG 8 RPG 2.5 APG

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no It’s Josiah Williams! Josiah highflying ability and tight handles let him score at will often finishing over defenders. His energy and playmaking ability would be an important component of his game as he was a rebounding machine averaging 8 or more rebounds per game. Josiah’s passing skills would help facilitate the offense and spread the defense out to open a lane for his teammates or himself to score. 

Zeek Perales 

Class of 2030

Height: 5′ 3″ 

Arizona Reach Basketball 251 

Signature stats: 26.8 PPG  8 RPG 2.8 SPG

Zeek’s was hustling all over the floor, a trait that can sometimes go unnoticed, but would actually change the game. Zeek’s hustle would give him the ability to make clean cuts to the basket for easy points leaving the defense exposed. Zeek was a reliable member of his team due to his speed in transition was there to get boards that would lead him to capitalize for second chance points. Zeek is a player that is developing at a high rate and with his maximum effort nothing but success on his road ahead. 

Koi Rhea 

Class of 2031

4′ 7″ 

OGP Ladera

Signature stats: 17.3 PPG 1.8 RPG  6.5 APG

Koi’s feel for the game was unmatched, with his ability to read defenses, and court vision would lead to a high volume of assists. His footwork and quickness would help him maneuver around defenders creating space to score whether it be in the paint or from beyond the arc. His quickness would also assist him in creating turnovers and racking up steals leading to fast break plays in transition.

Kruz Chappell 

Class of 2031

Height: 4′ 10″ 

Arizona Gym Rats

Signature stats:  8.3 PPG 5.5 RPG  2.3 SPG

Kruz has a high basketball IQ as he has strong knowledge of his strengths and can put the defense to work leaving them tired and giving his team the chance to capitalize. Alongside his IQ he has an elite scoring ability as he is very consistent from mid range and beyond the 3 point line. Kruz is a fast developing player as he is very coachable and can apply his knowledge on the floor at a rapid rate. 

Parker Walton 

Class of 2033

Height: 5′ 1″ 

OGP Ladera 

Signature stats: 6.3 PPG  3.8 RG 1.3 SPG

Parker is a defensive juggernaut for his team as he imposes his will on offenses pushing them into low percentage shot situations. Due to his strong defensive ability, that would lead to fast break transitions, giving his teammates quick and easy buckets. Parker’s rebounding ability was another factor in his game play to provide second chance points and defensive stops, as he would rack up a total of 15 rebounds in the camp. Parker’s toughness will go a long way in his basketball career and elevate not only himself but his teammates as well. 

Outstanding Performers

3rd Grade

Class of 2034

Mason Collazo

Sebastian Barnes

Kohda Suggs

Sol Voogd

4th Grade

Class of 2033

Noah Gilbert

Aidan Amini

Kenyan Byrd

Kaine Warren

Nathaniel Lowe

5th Grade

Class of 2032

David Noah Aguila

Charlie Bracamonte III

Duane Eason Jr

Mark Bernal III

Garren Mackey

6th Grade

Class of 2031

Justin Traub

Court Ridenour

Kingston Hardiman

Leo Kappy

Lennox Bess

7th Grade

Class of 2030

Marte Sears Jr

Cruz Vicente Kazmierski

Derrick Charles

Kaleb Johnson

Jace R. Williams

8th Grade

Class of 2029

Kaii Voogd

Christian Lusk

Atin Turner

Terrance Byrd

Cj Johnson Jr

King of the Court

Lleyton Leonard 8th Grade Class of 2029

Cruz Vicente Kazmierski 7th Grade Class of 2030

Court Ridenour 6th Grade  Class of 2031

Duane Eason Jr. 5th Grade Class of 2032