2024 EBC Bay Area

The elite players invited to EBC Bay Area 2024

230 elite players in the Bay Area

The 2024 EBC Bay Area was overflowing with talent, from slashers getting strong cuts to the basket, to giants coming up with big blocks. Elite basketball was seen everywhere among the 230 who were in attendance with players putting their skills to the test. Specialists were dominant in their specific category but at the end of the day we craved the title of MVP! Our EBC team has compiled the evidence to help identify Outstanding Performers, Kings of the Court, and MVP! 


8th Grade 

Miles Cooper class of 2028

Height: 5’9

JR Arsenal                 Signature Stats: 22.8 PPG, 5.3 APG, 2.8 3PT

Miles Cooper the sharpshooter who was taking out defenses on every court he was on. Not only can he knock it down from deep, he has the ability to charge through defenses and score through contact. Miles’ high skill set such as his footwork, handles, and his incredible ability to score from anywhere will  separate him from the competition and give him a bright future in basketball.

7th Grade 

Clement Ani class of 2029

Height: 5’10

Oakland Soldiers                           Signature Stats: 25.3 PPG, 4.5 RPG, 3.5 APG

  Clement Ani is the king of the 7th grade at EBC Bay area. Clement’s ability to facilitate the offense and have great communication skills on the court is nothing short of remarkable. He’s able to get to his spots with no sweat, his scoring ability and playing maturely makes him ready for the next level. But what makes him a rare talent is his ability  to make the players around him better and finding ways to make them score.

6th Grade 

Kalani Abreu  class of 2030

Height: 6’0

Team Arsenal               Signature Stats:  16.3 PPG, 11.3 RPG, 2.8 BPG

Kalania Abreu the unstoppable force on the court. The Giant Kalani who stands at 6,0 feet tall in the 6th grade was an obvious choice for MVP. But it’s not only his size but his mental advantage of having a great basketball IQ and knowing when to make the right play. On the other side of the ball he is a wall on defense and blocking every shot that comes within arms reach.His skills to crash the boards for rebounds and dominate the paint make him a clear standout. 

5th Grade 

Kameron Potts  class of 2031

Height: 4’7 

Team Arsenal                Signature Stats: 19.5 PPG, 3.3 APG, 3 PT

Kameron Potts the most electrifying player at EBC Bay Area. Kameron is an absolute menace on defense, racking up steal after steal leading to fastbreaks for easy points, becoming a real problem for offenses. On his offense side he’s an absolute playmaker always looking to make the unselfish play finding open teammates but create buckets from anywhere for himself especially the 3 point line. Kameron’s trait of being a good vocal leader is a special one in youth basketball that puts him in a category of Elite players.

4th Grade 

Charles McCarver class of 2032 

Height: 4’7

Lakeshow                     Signature stats: 8.8 PPG, 2.5 RPG, 2 SPG

Charles McCarver the speedster had an incredible performance for his team. His ability to use legs to get open and be aware was the formula for his offensive ability. He is willing to pass the ball around to create space for the open man but has no problem finishing at the rim for himself.The key to his success is his coachability to be willing to learn and get better will take him far in his youth basketball career. 

3rd Grade 

Karter Potts  class of 2033

Height: 4’4

Signature Stats: 17.3 PPG, 3 RPG, 5.5 SPG

Karter kills it on both sides of the ball, dominant scoring and dominant defense was the name of the game for Karter. His talent to find  open teammates for easy baskets was clutch for his team. Alongside his ability to be a great passer he slashes to the basket with ease and has become an Elite scorer. Karters talent on both sides of the ball makes him a standout player to keep an eye on as he develops. 

Outstanding Performers

8th Grade Class of 2029

Markeyce Banks

Chris Jewett

Benjamin Amiwero Jr

Mason Volzer

Elijah Hill

7th Grade Class of 2030

Ryan Ferraioli

Marcel Banks III

Marcel Pickett

Seth Everick Guingab

Blake Poole

6th Grade Class of 2031

Justin Brownlee

Skylar Johnson

Lakota Wise

Gearre Harvin

James Malik Bailey IV

5th Grade Class of 2032

Makai Broussard

LJ Washington

Tai Weydemuller

Travis Vipond

Cole Smith

4th Grade Class of 2032

Naim Benjamin

Emmanuel Gabriel III

Declan Perata

Vincent Okotie

Brian Cole Jr

3rd Grade Class of 2033

Leonardo Rocha IV

Cash Williams

Christopher Amiwero

Dash Myles Pinto

Julien Beckles

King of the Court

Mason Volzer Class of 2029

Clement Ani Class of 2030

Kalani Abreu Class of 2031

Kameron Potts Class of 2032