2024 EBC Washington

EBC Washington 2024

The Elite Players invited to EBC Washington

The Elites have arrived in Washington

EBC Washington 2024 had specialists all over the court. As dominant defenders were posing their will and offensive technicians were setting up the perfect play. Club basketball players came together to show off their skills and to be put to the test. Our EBC team has compiled the evidence to identify who are the Outstanding Performers, King of The Courts, and most of all MVP!


8th Grade Tanner Simpson

31.8 PPG 4.3 RPG 1.8 BPG

Tanner Simpson is the 6 ‘1 phenom of EBC Washington who conquered the competition wherever he was. He could either finesse his way to the basket or power his way through to score and the defense stood no chance. Not only can he have his way when he’s scoring he has a keen eye for open teammates.

7th Grade Adam Abdi

14.8 PPG. 6APG 4 SPG

Adam Abdi is a real dynamic player with a refined offensive skill set. He was a real problem for defenses as his quickness and great handles led him to be a great scorer and hard to stop. To compliment his slashing ability he is a sharpshooter from beyond the arc which really spreads out the defense where he has the option to shoot or get it to the open man. 

6th Grade Draycen Reyes

19.3 PPG 6.8 RPG 1.8 3PT

Draycen Reyes was just smooth with it at EBC Washington as his elite passing just left defenses in the lurch as he would show off his no look passing ability as well. With that he has an elite scoring ability of his own as the combination of athleticism and clean handles led to him getting a lot of buckets.

5th Grade Andre jackson

17.7 PPG 4 RPG 2.3 APG

Andre Jackson is a quick and precise player who makes great decisions with the ball that either lead to quick score or a smooth assist. He has an elite finishing ability at the rim that he shows off consistently that gives them the edge against opponents.

4th Grade  Marcus Warren Jr

17 PPG 4 RPG 5 APG

Marcus Warren Jr. was a defensive beast at the event as nobody was going to get by him. His lockdown ball defense was crucial as in his one on one defense match up players were forced to pass as they had no opportunity to score. On the offensive side of things he has a quick and consistent shot from mid range, also have the ability to find the open man.

3rd Grade  Mohamed Ibrahim

12 PPG 1 RPG. 1 SPG

Mohamed Ibrahim the board crasher himself. His ability to anticipate rebounds was a key factor that would lead to fast break offense or second chance points. What really shines is his effort as he outworks his opponent for the edge. To go with his effort is his IQ that has led him to create space on the floor and create shots. The cherry on top was his step back that he put on display at the event.  

Outstanding Performers

8th Grade Class of 2029

Bryce D. Jackson

Matthew Fredrickson

Michael Hoston  

Davion Shareef-Dulaney

Micah Rouson

6th Grade Class of 2031

Charlie White

Avery Borchardt

Micah Sanchez

Siel Morgan

Tyrell Stephens

4th Grade Class of 2033

Ashton Santos 

Valentine Manada 

Kailil Green

Adrian Tatieze

Savion Brown

7th Grade Class of 2030

Christian Clark

William Conroy

Zelalem Poulin

Corbin Williams

La Prince Surge

5th Grade Class of 2032

Kye Williams

Keats Mosley

Keyshon Wright

Franklin Coleman

Mazi Akil

3rd Grade Class 2034

Jalen Burns

Tre Dixon

Jaxon Smith

Evan Powell

Micah Wu

King of the Court

Rainier Denoso 2029

William Conroy 2030

Draycen Reyes 2031

Kye Williams 2032

Marcus Warren 2033