EBC May Recap: Las Vegas and Bay Area

Between Vegas (May 7-8) and Bay Area (May 21-22), Elite Basketball Circuit in partnership with Grassroots 365 and Open Gym Premier led the charge on two of the most high-profile showcases during the month of May. With over 1,000 kids traveling from different parts of the country and high-level coaches in attendance, both events did not disappoint. Between skill development stations, king of the court, leadership development, and an all-star game these camps serve as a proving ground for up and coming players to take their game to the next level. 

With each camp comes the opportunity to earn a multitude of awards highlighted by our event staff. From MVP to Outstanding Performer, Hustle, Defense, Playmaker Assist and even King of the Court.  

Among the winners at EBC Vegas 2021 were…

Cuellar, See, Caesar, Camez, Ashley, Minnear, Reed

Isaiah Cuellar– Class of 2024-MVP

“An elite-level player who does it all on both ends of the floor. Stops the best defender and handles the ball like a true general.”

Dylan See– Class of 2028- MVP

“An elite level guard who can do it all. The level of IQ and playmaking sets him apart from everyone in his grade. A true point guard who can get you assists and buckets.”

Tayshawn Caesar– Class of 2026- Outstanding Performer

“Nice handle with the rock when he brings the ball down the floor. Can use his length well when trying to play the off guard position.”

Eliseo (EJ) Camez– Class of 2024- Hustle

“Gets out on the break and runs the floor hard. Posts hard and does the dirty work. Also goes after every loose ball and rebound.”

Kaiemion Ashley– Class of 2024- Defense

“Tough guard that has a high IQ. Defends well and uses his body well”

Drew Minnear– Class of 2025- Playmaker Assist

“Very good looking shot who doesn’t force any bad shots. He is a very smart player with the ball and his passing ability.”

Romell Reed– Class of 2024- King of the Court

“A strong and very dominant player on defense and someone who can use that same skill to get to the cup with ease.”

To view the Full-List of Award Winners from EBC Vegas 2021, Click Here

Among the winners at EBC Bay-Area 2021 were…

McLaughlin, Willis, Loud, Kanchananakhin, Butler, Laurente, Cotton

Theo-Sully McLaughlin– Class of 2024- MVP

“Playmaking guard who looks to attack the rim and looks to either finish or dish out to the open man off the double team. Tough, physical player who doesn’t get beat off the block.”

Ely Willis– Class of 2025- MVP

“Stellar rebounder who finishes at the rim with ease. Excellent shooter from mid-range and is automatic from inside the key.

Cole Loud– Class of 2025- Outstanding Performer

“A defensive minded forward who crashes the boards on every possession. By utilizing his size and moving quickly with his feet, there is a creation of separation even on 50/50 balls.”

Nattapat Chris Kanchananakhin– Class of 2025- Hustle

 “Very quick player who made runs for his teammates to hit him, slashing towards the basket. Played with great pace and was able to finish at the rim when given the opportunity.”

Jacob Butler– Class of 2025- Defense

“Defensive, lengthy forward who has a knack for finding the ball off the rim. His hustle combined with his stellar on-ball defending makes him a nightmare for opponents.”

Cloud David Laurente– Class of 2025- Playmaker Assist

“Great passing guard who looks to pass and facilitate for others around the court. Excellent lateral movement off the ball and always knew where to be on the court.”

Rashod Cotton– Class of 2025- King of the Court

“Phenomenal shooter who could score from anywhere on the court, giving his team a bucket whenever asked. Also knew to dish the ball out when the double-team came.”

To view the Full-List of Award Winners from EBC Bay-Area 2021, Click Here

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