EBC San Diego 2024

2024 EBC San Diego

All Elite Players invited to EBC San Diego

Elite Talent dropped into San Diego

EBC San Diego was an absolute thrill as club team players from all different regions were at the camp to test their skills and develop their game. Elite players showed off their ability to be a dominant scorer, elite passer, or a lockdown defender to fight for the title of MVP. Our EBC team has compiled the evidence to identify who are the Outstanding Performers, King of The Courts, and most of all MVP!


8th Grade David Gorodezki

  37.3 PPG 16.5 RPG 4.3 APG

David Gorodezki was racking up all the stats as he was dominant all over the court at EBC San Diego. David was playing a bully ball style where he would ferociously attack the basket whether it be for points or rebounds. He came into the camp with much improvement as he was very confident and consistent in his jump shot to complement his physical game style. 

7th Grade Egypt Dean

 25.5 PPG 21.3 RPG 6 APG

Egypt Dean was an absolute showstopper at EBC San Diego and proved that he is an elite playmaker as he got a triple double in his second game of the weekend. Egypt is well known for his scoring ability and his stat sheet shows that, but it also gave him the opportunity to find his teammates and be able to make plays for the team. With his ability score and pass, created great chemistry with the team and made him a significant contributor overall.  

13.3 PPG 2 RPG 2 APG

Malik McClain was the emphasis of what an elite guard is with his ability to shoot from beyond the arc and have an elite court vision. His talent to create fast breaks by finding the open man going down hill for easy buckets is a true site to behold. Malik was also quite the sharpshooter as he couldn’t miss from beyond the arc.

5th Grade Jayden Compton

21.8 PPG 3 RPG 2 APG

Jayden Compton was a lethal weapon at EBC San Diego as he was a strong finisher and could knock it down from mid range. When he’s on the offensive side of the ball he has to be double teamed due to his athletic ability to maneuver around defenders to charge the basket. Jayden is an all around elite player and opponents need to prepare for him every time they face off. 

4th/3rd Zo Peterson

8.3 PPG 2.3 RPG 3 APG

Zo Peterson is an all around elite player as he was able defend and score at a high level at EBC San Diego. His strong skill to finish at the rim created space amongst the defense creating good looks for his teammates. Zo’s defense is very impressive as his help and on-ball defense is on another level and locks down his opponents.

Outstanding Performers

8th Grade Class of 2029

Lucky Davis

Christian Lusk 

Donovan Cronkhite

Dean Dohrmann 

Rayan Dahi

6th Grade Class of 2031

Craig Adamson

Lev Shakuto

Michael Vasquez 

Ryland Glover

Jacob Rodriguez 

4th Grade/3rd grade Class of 2033

Sebastian Gagnon

Lucas Wu

Mason Collazo

Ezra Signh

Ryker Oltean 

7th Grade Class of 2023

Tyson Aycox

Marcel Roberts

Kian Chipman

Romeo Flores

Blake Baker

5th Grade Class of 2032

Andre (AJ) Woodert

Rashaad King 

Byron Spencer

Roman Gray

Palmer Brown

King of the Court

Ryker Oltean 

Santiago Garcia Magana

Craig Adamson

Andre (AJ) Woodert

Zo Peterson