The 2023 BILAAC: Middle School Camp

The 2023 Ballislife All-American Middle School camp showcased 500+ talented players from second grade up to 8th grade in a premier youth basketball event in its 10th anniversary. Players came from all over the United States and all over the world such as Nevada, Kentucky, New York, Texas, Washington, Australia, Mexico, Japan, and many more locations. The biggest middle school camp of the year brought together the future stars of basketball on one electrifying stage, setting the basketball world abuzz with an exceptional amount of hype. With top-tier coaching, fierce competitions, and unforgettable highlight-reel moments, the Ballislife All-American Middle School camp has truly solidified its reputation as one of the best camps in the country.

Standing tall at an impressive 6’4″, Gene Roebuck‘s dominance on the court during the Ballislife All-American Middle School camp left spectators and coaches in awe. Averaging a staggering 36.4 points per game, 10.2 rebounds, 2 blocks, and 2 steals, he showcased a multifaceted skill set that set him apart as the undeniable 8th Grade MVP. His remarkable performance, including a 50-point, 10-rebound, and 3-steal game, along with four double-double performances, solidified his reputation as a rising basketball star to watch closely in the future.

  • The 4th Grade Class proved its elite status at the Ballislife All-American Middle School camp with the outstanding performances from Kam Potts, Honor Tyler, and Austin Abney. Kam Potts emerged as a true standout, clinching the MVP title by showcasing an incredible average of 21.6 points per game and an impressive 2 steals per game. Not to be outdone, Honor Tyler’s all-around skills were on full display, as he averaged 18.8 points, 7.2 rebounds, and an impressive 3.6 steals per game, even achieving a double-double in one of his remarkable displays. Meanwhile, Austin Abney’s well-rounded game came to the forefront, with a solid average of 15 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 steals per game, further contributing to the undeniable prowess of this exceptional 4th grade division.
  • The 7th Grade roster showcased an abundance of talent, with standout players such as Josh Agbo, Matthew Bernal, and Andre-Amesquita Carter leading the charge. MVP Elizjah Scott’s consistent brilliance was on full display, as he averaged an impressive 18.2 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 2 steals per game, cementing his role as the best player in the 7th grade division. Josh Agbo’s dynamic performance was marked by his ability to dominate on both ends of the court, averaging 15.2 points and an impressive 7.4 rebounds per game, often coming close to achieving a double-double in several matchups due to his unwavering drive. Matthew Bernal’s versatility was a game-changer, contributing to all facets of play and making his presence felt on every possession of the game. Andre Amesquita-Carter displayed unwavering consistency throughout the camp, underlining the formidable prowess of this 7th grade talent pool.

Immersing participants in a nostalgic journey, the Ballislife All-American Middle School camp transported everyone back to the iconic 90s era, igniting an explosion of vibrant colors and retro vibes. The court resonated with the energetic beats of beloved 90s tunes, setting the stage for an atmosphere of pure fun and camaraderie. From eye-catching jerseys adorned with neon hues and funky patterns to gear that paid homage to the era’s iconic styles, the camp truly captured the essence of the 90s, and its infectious spirit was further captured through lively posts on Instagram and TikTok, inviting everyone to relive the experience.